General Terms of Use

Before continuing to navigate the website, we recommend that you carefully read these general terms of use (hereinafter the “General Terms of Use”).
These Firmatravel General Terms of Use, the special terms that may apply per service (the “Special Terms”), the privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) and the tracker policy (the “Tracker Policy”) constitute a legally binding agreement (contract) that governs the transactional relationship between us. These General Terms of Use and any Special Terms that may apply per service define in particular the rights and obligations of our company towards you and, respectively, your rights and obligations as a customer towards us. They apply, in parallel, with the Privacy Policy and the Tracker Policy. By using Firmatravel it means that you understand the General Terms of Use and any Special Terms of Use, you accept them unconditionally and you agree with them. In the event of opposition to them, in whole or in part, please discontinue using Firmatravel.
Because our company acts as an intermediary of the travel services described above, the user should also consult the Transaction Terms of each Service Provider, which may include useful information about the service provided through our intermediation (such as. x. regarding the possibility of changing the reservation, the scheduled itineraries, the refund process) and which are valid in your relationship. In other words, in addition to these General Terms of Use, any Special Terms of Use, Firmatravel Privacy Policy and Tracker Policy, the Terms of Use of each Service Provider apply in parallel with your relationship with each Service Provider.
User rights
As a user of Firmatravel you are entitled, in accordance with the terms governing its operation, to use all of its functions for the purpose of providing services to you by the Service Providers.
In your capacity as users and consumers you retain any other rights provided for by national and European law.
It is clarified that the user has no right of withdrawal according to no. 3a of Law 2251/1994, according to which passenger transport services are excluded from the scope of application of the law.
In any case, any dispute that may arise between us can be resolved amicably through the electronic dispute resolution platform of the European Commission and those certified in it, according to no. 2013/11 / EU Directive, alternative dispute resolution bodies (eg Consumer Ombudsman).
User obligations
As a user you must use Firmatravel in accordance with the law, the General Terms of Use, any Special Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Tracker Policy (as far as it relates to the trackers necessary for navigation, which are necessary for the commencement or continuation of the operation of Firmatravel) governing its operation.
By using Firmatravel you expressly state that you are an adult (over 18 years of age), legally competent and that you are legally using Firmatravel as its true user. For the use of this application, the user, from the moment he guarantees that he is over 18 years old, assumes the responsibility in case of using Firmatravel on behalf of minors.
By registering any information (your own or third party) within Firmatravel you declare to us that you have the right to make such registration (eg the information you enter relates to you, or to third parties for whom you act upon their authorization). You are solely responsible for the content of the information you give us, its truth and accuracy.
It is prohibited to use Firmatravel to carry out any illegal activity against the company or against third parties (such as, for example, posting against the company or third parties any defamatory, inaccurate comments or making payments through Firmatravel using a third party account who has not provided his authorization). In particular, any use of Firmatravel for misleading and / or speculative purposes that is contrary to its normal operation and generally for purposes other than those described in these General Terms of Use and / or any Special Terms of Use is prohibited.
The user must respect and not infringe the intellectual property rights (intellectual and industrial) of the company on Firmatravel, omitting any action that infringes such rights, such as the unauthorized exploitation of Firmatravel or its imitation .
The user must read, as we recommend, and to comply with the terms of use governing the provision of services by the service provider by which the user is contributing. The user is responsible for observing the terms set by the service provider (such as the terms set by each ferry company on boarding time).
Company Rights – Disclaimer
The Company reserves the right to exclude users who act illegally and unconventionally, as well as rejecting user orders to firmatravel (eg detention order), in case of undue to the general and / or any special Terms of Use of Firmatravel.
The company is entitled to protect its intellectual property rights in every legitimate way in Firmatravel. Firmatravel belongs exclusively to our company. Any copying, distribution, transport, processing, resale, generation of work or misleading the public about the actual beneficiary of Firmatravel shall be prohibited.
The Company is entitled to make any amendments to the general and / or any special Terms of Use of Firmatravel without prior notice of the user if a) incorporates these amendments to the firmatravel, making it affordable to the user and b) apply to The future from the moment they integrate them to Firmatravel.
Our company is active as an intermediary does not bring responsibility for any inadequate provision of service providers by service providers or any inability to provide you with these services, despite your legal behavior. Also, our company is not responsible for the information provided by service providers through firmatravel, as our company does not control this information. For example, for transfers, delays and cancellations of routes, other travel services and products of the service provider, our company does not bear any responsibility. Exclusively responsible in the event of non-availability of the selected and paid service, in the event of its defective, due to error, failure, infringement, or refusal to provide services. Property or other damage (such as delays) solely responsible for their restoration is the service provider.
Our company is not responsible for travel documents (passports, Visa, Discount Documents, etc.), which you oblige for making a trip. Ensuring and correcting the required passenger documents is an obligation on the passenger and that’s why we recommend that you comply with the terms of use of the service provider.
Our company is not responsible for the content of any other websites contained as links or references to this application and does not bear any liability for any damage or damage they are causing. Any referral to other websites is only taking place to facilitate firmatravel users.
Special predictions
About the reservation
By completing the relevant fields of the Special Booking Form in Firmatravel, the user explicitly commands the firmatravel to mediate to provide a travel service from the service provider. The reservation command, which is completed and repaid, binds the user in each case. In case of changes to the scheduled reservation of your choice, which fall within the service sphere of service provider (eg in case of delay or cancellation of the route), the company will try to make a convenience to contact you by e-mail or by telephone , in the e-mail address or telephone number you have provided, and inform you there, provided that it has received information on the part of the service provider.
About route combinations
It is clarified that the combination of routes does not in any case involve a combined sale of the relevant ferry tickets, whether it is a service provider of either different service provider. With simpler words, each ticket is always sold separately. The user choosing to buy a combination of intermediate destination routes is solely responsible for successfully completing the combined journey and the right choice of response time, in accordance with the terms of each service provider. It is recalled that, because we act intermediably, we do not suffer responsibility in the case of changes to your reservations, such as when due to a delay, time or day time or inadequate Response Time or any other cause do not manage to make the combined journey Tained. In any case, we inform you with a more specific message during booking and before making this payment, for the sole responsibility of the service provider to implement the combined journey, as well as for your responsibility to comply with the terms of use of services of the service provider.
About the price
For changes in price and reservation charges in case of cancellation of travel by service provider, the company, as many, is specified in these General Terms of Use, does not bear any responsibility. In the event that there is an additional fee or supply of the company as an Ombudsman, it is explicitly defined and becoming apparent to the user before the payment stage of the transaction in question so that it becomes clear to the amount of the additional fee of the company included in the total price of the offered service by service provider.
About payment methods
To provide services to you via firmatravel, it is possible to make a credit card payment (eg MasterCard) or other online payment methods (eg DigitalWallet). The Company supports payments for Visa, MasterCard, Maestro credit cards, as well as Masterpass payments through the Banks National Bank of Greece and Eurobank and the Evay Payment Foundation. EVERYPAY is licensed payment institution by the Bank of Greece (Decision No 280/3 / 23-7-2018), and safely managed data transactions with cards in accordance with the regulatory framework of card security management template. All payments and refunds are made in Euro (€) according to the current banking parity.
Before repayment, the company is not obliged to transfer tickets to the user and will keep the ferry ticket or any other service offered only if there is a successful completion of the payment. In the event that, while the payment amount is successfully paid, it is not possible to complete the reservation of the service due to technical failure or non-availability until the payment is completed, the company is committed to revoking directly (within day) transaction and return the entire amount in euros charged. The final release of the amount by the customer’s bank is usually within 3-7 days and the company has no additional obligation or liability for any additional bank charges.
On confirmation of booking
In the event of a reservation – purchase of travel agency via Firmatravel, the user will receive confirmation for booking – purchase via e-mail and is obliged to check the correctness of the confirmation data and update as soon as possible and within 24 hours of our company for Any deviations or errors, about the initial reservation that he posted.
About Sending Tickets
Ferry tickets, either for domestic routes, or external routes, in case of completion and repayment of the booking, are sent via a courier at an additional charge that depends on the date of the desired tradition and the place of delivery selected on your part. The relevant charge that you are borne by the above-described Ticket Send, is disclosed before the payment stage and is activated upon your selection. Regardless of the above option, you can pick up your tickets from our offices to the address listed at the beginning of these General Terms address or by any authorized agencies of the service provider, such as, for example, from the port of departure where the agency is found coastal company.
On change, canceling the ticket
The possibility of changing or canceling a ferry ticket, a journey or other product or service is issues that are regulated by the terms of use of the service provider (such as the coastal company), which we recommend that you read and comply with them, as It is necessary to provide the desired travel agency. Our company, active as a mediator, has no possibility of influence of the terms of service providers and therefore does not bear any responsibility for issues provided for. Indicatively, as a matter predicted by the terms of use of service providers, there is any cost that is charged on your implementation of any change or cancellation of the travel service that you have already selected. If the service provider gives you a right to change or cancel the selected service (eg ticket booking, ticket delivery or cancellation, you must inform us, through the contact form or through the page “My reservation” no later than 48 hours before the scheduled departure in order to carry out the desired change or cancellation in accordance with the terms of each service provider. If you inform us a lesser 48 hours before the departure, the implementation of change or cancellation of the relevant detention is impossible. For the actions that the company needs to be implemented to cancel or change on your selected service, the company charges you with the amount of six euros (6 €). Furthermore, the company changes or cancel the ticket based on the charges applied by the service provider (eg the ferry company), which are defined in the relevant terms of use, so they are common to all Travel agencies and travel agency intermediaries. In general, the amount of charging costs of each service provider is determined on the basis of different factors, such as the action of the cancellation, which are described in the terms of use of the service provider concerned, with which you must comply. In case of cancellation, you will refund the remaining amount from the cost you paid for the selected travel agency, which remains after the above charges on our part and on behalf of the service provider in order to implement the cancellation of the service concerned. In case of cancellation with a fault of the service provider, you are not charged at no charge.
Applicable law, jurisdiction and other terms
These General Terms of Use and Any Special Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Tracker Policy, as applicable, are governed and regulated by Greek law. If a difference between you and the company, relating to issues relating to these general terms of use and any special conditions of use, and in general the use of Firmatravel, the courts of Corinth, irrespective of the Corinth, independently In kind of the dispute (in the sense that exclusive jurisdiction also includes the procedure for interim measures, temporary orders, etc.).
These General Terms of Use and Any Special Terms of Use are available in Greek and English. In the event of an interpretative issue, please, as referring to the Greek text, as the Greek version of the general terms of use and any special terms of use prevails.

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